Once a upon a time there was a Storyteller.....

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NEW VIDEOS: Tales from the Story Cabin

'Tales from the Story Cabin' is a series of my favourite or most requested stories, recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown. Please do join me in the Story Cabin for these tales and feel free to share them with others, either by telling the stories yourself or through the videos. Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel if you want to be informed when new stories are available. In the meantime, keep well and carry on enjoying, writing and sharing stories.

The Old Woman and the Pig

Find out what happens when an old woman tries to get a pig to jump over a stile on her way home from the market.

The North Wind's Presents

All the flour for making bread has been blown away? There's a magic blanket and a dancing stick? It must be the North Wind's Presents.

Seamus and the Fairy Treee

 Seamus O'Finnegan-Finnegan wants to find out if there are really fairies living in an old tree. He may come to regret the decision.

Upcoming Events

Sunday 25 October

Hastings Storytelling Festival 2020

All Events are Free and mostly online


Mainly online in 2020, with two socially distanced 'in person' events.

Hastings Storytelling Festival is produced by 18 Hours Events.

Download the brochure on what is happening today from 12pm onwards.  

Storybeard will be performing Live from Hastings at 1pm, 2.15pm and 3.45pm.

Most events that Storybeard would have taken part in, in spring, summer, autumn 2020, were cancelled.  

You can watch some story videos on my Youtube channel.

If you'd like news about upcoming events email me and ask to be added to the distribution list or follow me on Facebook or Twitter

A Bit About StoryBeard

My name is Richard Beard, hence StoryBeard. I've been involved with storytelling all my life, informally, and for the last twelve years on a more formal footing. Most often I can be found telling in my story yurt at various fairs, fetes, and festivals, weaving yarns that are suitable for story lovers young, old and inbetween.

The stories I tell are a mixture of traditional tales from around the world and yarns that I've written. The content of a story session can be tailored to almost any subject and new stories can be written and performed for most any occassion. Often the inspiration for stories comes from the places where I tell. Shambler the Ogre for instance, one of the story videos available on the YouTube channel, was inspired by... well that is a story in itself. Ask me if we meet and I tell you all about it ,and the inspiration behind one or two other tales as well.

Storytelling has taken me from hill-tops and tors to fishing ports and high streets, and everywhere inbetween. No two sessions are ever the same and that is part of the joy of sharing stories with people. I've also been fortunate enough to help others find their own story telling voice, both indivdiually and in organisations. 

If you'd like to know more, are interested in booking a storytelling session, want to discuss storytelling training or simply want to say hello, please do get in contact.